Garden Compost


Garden Compost is the key to garden success – as potting soil for ornamental and vegetable plants, as soil improver for outdoor vegetables & flowers, greenhouses, for transplanting trees & shrubs, other garden plants.

Garden COMPOST :

  • The ideal growing medium – for pots and containers, tubs, window boxes and hanging baskets. Cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes can be easily grown up to 40-60 days in pots size 1–3 liters for further transplanting in greenhouse or outdoor. Geranium, impatient, marigold, pansy petunia plants do well planted in pots, tubs, boxes as Garden COMPOST is light, disease-free, weed seed-free growing medium.
  • Source of nutrients – contains well balanced nutrients nitrogen, phosporus, potasium, calcium, magnesium , trace elements – much more nutrients than in standard compost.
  • Source of natural, biologically active organic matter, which helps to enhance healthy plant growth and development.
  • Soil improver – soil fertilizer & conditioner, binds sandy soil, retains moisture, aerates clay soil, but what is most important brings plenty of organic matter and  nutrients into soil. Organic matter decomposes slowly creating for your plants ideal growing conditions. Helps to keep plants strong, garden looking its best, grow healthy vegetables.

Note: This compost is not suitable for growing lime – hating plants.

Bag sizes  50 l

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