Natural peat moss

Natural  peat moss

SULIFLOR® Peat Moss is the perfect soil conditioner from all natural resources. Because of the high volume of organic matter, a high water storage capacity and it’s stable structure SULIFLOR® Peat Moss is recommended for all gardening i.e.:

  • Improvement and binding of sandy soil –  20-30 Litre per sqm
  • Improvement of heavy clay soil – app. 10-20 Litre per sqm
  • Establish new lawn areas – Spread 2-3 cm thick
  • Mix with garden composts and top soil 50/50
  • Root protection against frost spread around roses, shrubs and bushes
  • Ground spread in cages for small animals

We recommend Peat Moss while planting shrubs and trees for perfect rooting results

 Bag sizes 150 l

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