About us

Sulinkiai peat bog

Our history starts in 1938 as company was founded to provide quality peat fuel. Now it is a family run business operating peat bogs in the central and southern parts of Lithuania with strong positions in production of peat and peat based growing media for greenhouses, garden centers, landscapers, mushroom growers and sales in Europe and other parts of the world. Our products are marketed under “Suliflor” brand name. We are member of Lithuanian Peat producers Association which is associated member of EPAGMA – The European Peat and Growing Media Association, IPS – International Peat Society.

Growing media production is based on peat moss harvested on „Sulinkiai“ peat bog.

Peat moss is harvested during May – August by method of surface milling. Peat is harvested by special harvesters and heaped into stock piles.

Peat moss harvesting on „Sulinkiai“ peat bog is carried out responsibly, strictly following general licence, permissions, harvesting limits, other regulations  issued by Lithuanian Ministry of Environment, Geological Survey and other state authorities. Here is after-use plan  (after peat extraction is finished) prepared for Sulinkiai peat bog, corresponding the environmental standards of peat production with priority for biodiversity and restoration of peat growth.