Our products are marketed under “Suliflor” brand name.

Growing media production is based on peat moss harvested on „Sulinkiai“ peat bog.

Peat moss is harvested during May – August by method of surface milling. Peat is harvested by special harvesters and heaped into stock piles. Peat moss harvesting on „Sulinkiai“ peat bog is carried out responsibly, strictly following general licence, permissions, harvesting limits.

Standard Suliflor

SULIFLOR STANDARD product line – peat is major component for production of substrates.

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Bio Suliflor

BIO Suliflor The only source of nutrients in bio vegetable soil are natural and organic materials.

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Premium Suliflor

Professionally prepared ready to use substrate for the sowing of seeds, seedlings and cuttings. Clean organic materials

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Traditional Suliflor

Multipurpose potting soil product line – rich in nutrient, which can be used for indoor and outdoor plants.

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Special Suliflor

We help our customers to develop their own formula products for individual markets including recipe, bag design and more

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