Premium Suliflor

Профессионально приготовленный субстрат, в производстве которого применяются экологически чистые органические вещества и натуральные минеральные прибавки.

substratas daigams auginti

Premium Seeding substrate

Professionally prepared ready to use substrate for the sowing of seeds, seedlings and cuttings.

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universalus durpiu substratas

Premium Universal Substrate

Suliflor PREMIUM multipurpose substrate is created by professionals for a wide variety of outdoor and indoor plants.

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durpiu subsratas rododendrams

Premium Rhododendron substrate

Suliflor Rhododendron Mix is a premium quality, ready to use, special mix for all acid soil loving plants.

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durpiu substratai premium

SULIFLOR PREMIUM acid substrate

SULIFLOR PREMIUM acid substrate for Blueberries, Rhododendrons, Azalia, Conifer trees.

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