Standard Suliflor


Peat is major component for production of substrates because of its excellent properties. It has high porosity, high water holding capacity, low pH, low nutrient content. Addition of limestone and fertilizers turns peat into high value growing media. Screening peat into various fractions helps to produce substrates with a wide range of physical properties. Many horticultural or landscaping companies prefer dark peat because it‘s:

  • Higher water capacity – retains water for a longer period
  • Loosing less water through evaporation and drainage
  • Advantage  in hot climate or summer
  • Better availability of water/wilting point
  • Rich in humic acid which stimulates root growth
  • Better buffering – for both water and nutrients/increased crop security
  • Compact growth of plants
  • Better shelf life
  • Higher content of organic matter
sustrato SF 2


Raw material: Dark peat, free of weeds, diseases and impurities, different humification grades H3 - H6.

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Substrate SF1 is suitable for a wide range of growing needs, particularly where less frequent watering is desired.

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SULIFLOR SF 0 pH adjusted peat („Zero“ substrate)

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Peat moss turba


Natural peat moss - mainly used as raw material for production of growing medium after being limed and fertilized.

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