Suliflor guarantees quality

Sulinkiai guarantees quality – peat substrate products are carefully selected, processed and analyzed on own, the international standard in the laboratory.

Our own laboratory

  • Contamination of peat products by weed seeds
  • Humification grade, ash, organic matter
  • Moisture content
  • Volume
  • Screening quality
  • Density, volume
  • PH, EC


 The European standards for soil improvers and growing media are basis for quality control of all our products. Our laboratory has adopted the following standards:

  •  EN 12579 Sampling
  •  EN 12580 Determination of a quantity
  •  EN 13037 Determination of pH
  •  EN 13038 Determination of electrical conductivity
  •  EN 13039 Determination of organic matter and ash content
  •  EN 13040 Sample preparation for chemical and physical methods, determination of dry matter content, moisture content and laboratory compacted bulk density