Equipment: Mixing and Bagging Line

Very modern machines are used for the entire process of substrate production – from the raw material to the packing of the final products.

Modern screening line helps to get peat fractions of different coarseness. E.g. Coarse  peat is used for production of substrates for potted plants, fine peat for substrates used for sowing, pricking out.

The mixing line provides a continuous supply of evenly mixed different formula substrates.

  • Peat dozing hoppers ensuring the continuous flow of the line
  • Dozers for different types of fertilizer (type of PG Mix, organic, slow release, micro etc)
  • Dozers for materials like limestone, clay, perlite, sand , wetting agent, etc.

Computer of the mixing line stores in it’s memory hundreds of substrate recipes and automatically supplies different substrates to 5 accumulating hoppers, which in their turn supply 5 packaging machines at the same time.

Packaging machines are integrated with automatic or semiautomatic palletizers, waterproof wrapping system.