Peat moss turba

SULIFLOR PM Natural peat moss

Acid, pH 3.5 – 4.5

  • Mainly used as raw  material for production of growing medium after being limed and fertilized.
  • Promotes better plant growth, aerates heavy clay soils, binds sandy soils, saves water by retaining moisture and releasing it slowly, improves soil microbial activity, adds organic material to soils, saves on fertilizer by reducing nutrient leaching
  • With acid-loving plants such as a rhododendrons or azaleas it is ideal as a soil additive – improves water retention and soil aeration, stimulates root development.

Posible screening options:

  • PM fine structure (0-6 mm), very clean, high water holding capacity.
  • for propagation of ornamentals,  vegetables  from seed , good for automatic seeding lines, modular trays,  hobby products, for golf course construction, as a top dressing for lawns, as an amendment to heavy clay soils.
  • PM medium, universal   structure (0-20 mm). Used for mixing grower‘s own substrate , good for   big variety of  potting soils, universal substrates i.e. for plants in pots, containers, tubs, hanging baskets, for landscaping, hobby gardening  Available options with no fibers for automatic potting machines, options with milled fibers.
  • PM medium coarse structure (6-20 mm). Used where high air capacity and good drainage is recommended, for crops sensitive to water, if frequent leaching is required,  perennials, hanging baskets.
Type of productInstructions for useCoarsenessRaw materialOrganic matter
Suliflor PMSoil improvement, substrate mixing0-6 mm, 0-20 mm, 6-20 mmSphagnum Peat Decomposition degree (H3–H6)>95 %
pH    (EN 13037)EC mS / cm (1:1,5)EC mS/m (1:5, EN13038) 
< 4,5<0,3<7 

Bags    70 l,  225 L,  5000 L

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