sustrato SF 2

Multipurpose substrate SULIFLOR SF 2

Raw material: Dark peat, free of weeds, diseases and impurities, different humification grades H3 – H6.

Structure medium (other structures are available under special request).

Basic additives: calcitic & dolomitic limestone – corrects pH of the substrate, supplies essential plant nutrients Ca + Mg. pH 5,5 – 6,5 (other levels of pH 4,5 -7,0 are available under special request).

Fertilizer: compound fertilizer containing N – P2O5 – K2O14:16:18, 1.7kg/m3, trace elements (other types of fertilizer are available under special request).

Wetting agent FIBA ZORB. Rapid wetting and re-wetting, improves drainage, maximizes the applied fertilizers and nutrients.

Safety information: substrates have no harmful effect on people, animals and environment when used in accordance to the instructions for use.

 SULIFLOR SF 2 Universal substrate, suitable for a wide variety of plants – bedding and vegetable plants, potted plants, flower and foliage plants, hanging baskets, bulbs.

Type of productTrade nameQuantity  ( EN 12580 ) when filledInstructions for use
Peat based growing mediaSULIFLOR SF270 l , 225 L , 5000 LMultipurpose growing medium for ornamentals and vegetables
Organic matterpH    (EN 13037)EC mS/cm  (1:1,5)EC mS/m (1:5) EN13038
>80 %5.5 – 6.51.0-1.545

Bags    70 l , 225 L, 5000 L

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