Peat extraction and production of peat substrates is a complex and knowledge-intensive process. Our customers – both individual gardeners and large plant growers – have different requirements for our products.

To gain experience, learn about the latest news in our industry, make new contacts and expand our customer base abroad, we participate in the annual exhibition IPM ESSEN in Essen, Germany.

In January 2020 for the eight year in a row UAB Sulinkiai participated in the international, annual world’s leading trade fair for horticulture IPM ESSEN 2020.

1,538 exhibitors from 46 countries presented their innovative products and services. Over 54,000 visitors came to the exhibition. It is held annually since 1983 and it brings together green sector innovators who can offer sustainable and climate-friendly solutions. For example: heat and cold resistant plants, environmentally friendly packaging, organic fertilizers and substrates, air-purifying and easy-care houseplants, or pots made of durable and degradable materials.

We are very thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in such exhibition. Each year we return not only with new business contacts, but also acquainted with the latest technologies, so our production can be best on the market.