This year, with the help of measures financed by the structural funds of the European Union Regio Invest LT+, the company completed the works of installation of a new peat screeningg line and modern peat packing equipment. More than 1 million Euros was invested into the works of installation and construction of the equipment.

The company carried out substantial restructuring of the production processes, enabling an increase in technological capacity, and integrated modern and innovative equipment, designed for producing products with higher added value, better qualitative parameters, exceptional customer characteristics, and wider range, into the general production process scheme.

The implementation of the project (purchase of modern technological peat substrate production lines, including production packing machines) allows for continuous improvement of the company’s performance and enhancement of productivity and competitiveness, which is a prerequisite for sustainable and long-term development of the company, ensuring direct benefits for the company for years to come after the project is implemented.